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Optimal Health surveillance

Health surveillance is a robust system designed to systematically detect early signs of work related ill health in employees exposed to certain health risks.


Health surveillance provides information which helps to protect employees from illness caused by being exposed to health risks at work.


It enables an organization to manage these risks effectively by acting as a check on:

  • How the control measures are working.
  • Helping to pinpoint where, there is need to take further steps.


Types of health surveillance

Simple health surveillance techniques, like

  • Skin examination of hands to assess the damage, which can be done by certain chemicals.
  • Respiratory questionnaire to assess for any breathing problems, which can be caused when exposed to certain substances.


Technical health surveillance techniques, like:

  • Spirometry tests: Lung function test done to assess capability of the lungs. Occupational asthma or other respiratory diseases can be picked up by this procedure.
  • Audiometry tests: Hearing test done to assess any hearing loss which may have been caused by exposure to noise at work.
  • Medical examinations, urine tests or blood tests depending on exposure to various substances.

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